About Stella Corporation

First of all, let me express my gratitude to have a chance to introduce us to you. We, Stella Corporation Co., Ltd., had been in a business tie-up with the Gerber System Company in U.S.A. as its sole agent in Japan since 1992 January.  And since the Gerber merged with the BARCO in Belgium and became the BARCO Gerber in August 1998, we have been also tied-up with the BARCO Gerber.

    The Gerber System Company released and marketed the very first Photo-plotter in the world in 1964. And since then, it has got a solid footing with a lot kinds of CAD/CAM system and their peripherals not only in an electronics world but also in an automobile, aircraft, and printing world. Likewise, the BARCO has been recognized as a worldwide leader and innovator in laser photo-plotter technology. By merging each other this time, they made a good start to cover much larger applications as the BARCO Gerber of the world.

    As for us, the Stella Corporation, we have been highly estimated in a PCB world because of our innovative spirit, cost improvement, and keen perception. We are proud of our satisfying achievement of CAD/CAM system with special effects for PCB design. Our activities are not limited in Japan. We have extended our business oversea, and established Stella America, Stella Taiwan, and Stella Hong Kong. And as for Stella Taiwan, we also made a business tie-up there with the Gerber U.S.A. in 1994, and with the BARCO Gerber in 1998, same as Stella Japan. Now, countless people worldwide are using the ultimate Stella system which has been built up by integrating know-how we have mastered, and by meeting customersf requests.

What we are now introducing in this or another brochure inserted is the Stella system for Professional use, which consists of the original CAD/CAM system and the MANIATECHNOLOGIE products. Go through with your serious consideration. We are so pleased to give a little helping hand for the expansion of your business and performance

Mr. Nobuo Otake
President of Stella Corporation Co., Ltd.

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